About Unveiled Worship School

You can imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, God spoke these words to me, “You’ll be a father of worship to the nations in this generation.” At the time, I was planting a church in San Diego and yet, after hearing God’s voice, I knew change was coming. Within two years time, God had repositioned me, setting me aside for three years to write curriculum, several books, as well as relaunching my worship music around the world. Developing the curriculum was one part, the other part was God placing key leaders in my life such as Lou Engle (founder of The Call), Dan Carroll (Water of Life Church), Steve Holt and Vince D’Acchioli (The Road @ Chapel Hills), Larry Titus (Kingdom Global), Adam McCain (Former Director of CFNI), Paul Wilbur (Wilbur Ministries), and many others who have been instrumental to positioning me for this new role in the Kingdom. This also led me to relocate to Colorado Springs, where Lou Engle and I have partnered with The Road @ Chapel Hills to launch Unveiled Worship School.

So what is Unveiled Worship School?

The first thing to understand about unveiled worship is this: most of the corporate worship we experience is self-gratifying. This is not necessarily a knock on modern worship today. There are many great worship songs and expressions of music in worship that draw people towards God’s presence. The real problem is not the songs, the worship leaders, or even the worship in churches. I’ve found it’s Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Namely, in worship, I’ve found there is no subject more misunderstood. We sing songs but don’t know why we sing them. We lift hands and don’t understand why. We dedicate half of our services to a thing called worship, and yet don’t understand the significance of what we’re actually accomplishing. Questions such as “Why do we sing so much in church?” or “What does the Bible actually say about worship?” are seldom addressed.

More importantly (and this led to the start of Unveiled Worship School), how does God want to be worshiped? What does the Bible (who God authored) say about how He desires to be worshiped? Or, you could say it this way: How do we worship God on His terms? With classes on the Heart of a Worshiper, Worship Theology, Psalms, Mosaic Tabernacle, Davidic Tabernacle, Songwriting, Lifestyle of Worship, Worship Leading (Beginner and Advance), and Praise Theology, we tackle these questions.

About Brian & Kristen Ming

Brian and Kristen Ming have worked in a variety of ministry positions in the body of Christ, most notably as worship leaders at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX (2005-2008), and Water of Life Church in Fontana, CA (2016-2019). Over the last two decades, they recorded eight worship albums, four of which were distributed nationally and internationally with many of their songs being recorded by various artists as well as sung in churches worldwide. Brian and Kristen are now located in Colorado Springs where Brian is the Associate Worship Pastor of The Road @ Chapel Hills. When not leading worship, Brian and Kristen are also sought-after speakers who brings the Word effectively as well as teach, train-up, and equip worship teams. Brian and Kristen feel God is releasing them to raise up a generation of worshipers who will welcome the King of king’s return in, what they believe, could be the last generation before His coming. For more information about Brian and Kristen Ming, visit BrianandKristenMing.com

About Lou Engle

Lou Engle is an intercessor for revival, and the visionary co-founder of TheCall, a prayer and fasting movement responsible for gathering hundreds of thousands around the globe. He has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer. He is the founder of the pro-life ministry Bound4Life. Now residing in Colorado Springs, he is married to his beautiful wife Therese and blessed with 7 wonderful children. He is the president of Lou Engle Ministries, recently launched to mobilize fasting and contending prayer, and to envision and empower stadium Christianity, and to ignite reformation prayer into the nations of the earth. For more info on Lou, visit louengle.com